A step-by-step guide to the best SaaS SEO strategy

A step-by-step guide to the best SaaS SEO strategy

Terms like “technical SEO,” “link building,” “content strategy,” “organic traffic,” and “user experience” are bandied around like confetti. Who really knows the value it brings, despite how nice it looks? We're here to dispel any misunderstandings that may exist regarding these seemingly difficult expressions.

We'll debunk them so you can understand exactly how you can implement all these practical measures to develop an unbeatable SEO strategy for SaaS businesses. Do you really need an SEO strategy for your SaaS company, before we get started? Come learn more.

Do You Need a SaaS SEO Strategy?

Answer in a nutshell: yes. Yes, it is. 

why Do You Need a SaaS SEO Strategy

For software organisations, a strong SaaS SEO approach is the way to go. It assists you in raising the search engine rating of your website and obtaining the much desired organic traffic and conversions. To put it another way, it is what enable you to market your brand more effectively, market your products to the correct audience, and convert leads into repeat buyers. Let's examine the reasons why SaaS enterprises need an SEO plan.

  1. Lower the Cost-Per-Acquisition

Cost-Per-Acquisition, or CPA. Most SaaS businesses use paid advertising or sponsored social media to drive traffic to their websites. This advertising model requires you to post ads and pay every time someone clicks on one of them. 

As you might expect, implementing this marketing plan is rather expensive. When you initially start out, PPC is simple to set up and targeted marketing, but as you go along, you'll notice several obvious drawbacks.

Developing a successful PPC strategy and carrying out complex follow-ups are the main issues, and they all make it challenging to navigate a market that is growing more and more tech-savvy.

You spend more money and increase your cost-per-acquisition when you switch from targeting your current audience to attracting a new one (CPA). A successful SEO campaign can help you break this loop. 

It aids in CPA reduction. You can obtain organic, or cost-free, traffic to your website using SEO. You merely need to provide worthwhile content and permit it to access your clients; you don't even need to pay for it. It's a win-win situation, right?

  1. Convert clients from different channels

Any ethical SaaS SEO approach will assist you in covering all your bases, i.e., it won't only be advantageous for one platform. Nevertheless, it will be useful to you on a variety of platforms, such as email and social media. When creating a SaaS SEO plan, our SEO agency counsels going cross-platform to maximise your efforts. In this approach, the more money you put into your SEO strategy, the more benefits you might get from using not just one channel, but several.

The creation of content is essential to your SEO strategy. You can attract visitors to your website by assisting in your ranking for your target keywords with SEO-optimized content. Additionally, SEO can support your email marketing and social media marketing strategies. In reality, in order to achieve better results, more and more businesses are investigating how social media and SEO are related.

Social media may be used, among other things, to promote your brand, increase your internet exposure, secure organic traffic, and share your content. This simply means that you benefit from your investment in SEO by generating visitors from additional marketing channels.

You can get referral traffic through SEO techniques like link building (by which hyperlinks on other websites point to yours). You may expect more organic traffic by considering the necessary ranking elements and taking advantage of the search engine optimization that this step provides.

It also raises your credibility with Google, which is a bonus. Additionally, blog posts and social media provide you the ability to grow your following. An integrated SEO strategy, such as the one we've discussed, revs up your marketing strategy and produces results that can be measured.

  1. Rapid yet Scalable Growth

In SaaS SEO, content is king. It should not be a shock that a material approach might aid in your speedy growth. It is very simple: you will increase visitors if you provide more content that ranks well.

Continue to refine your content strategy for exponential monthly traffic growth. This is a trustworthy method to guarantee your ongoing success on Google.

Make sure every aspect of your SaaS SEO approach is correct. Only if your material is useful to your customers and does well on Google can you take advantage of the advantages. It must have the essential phrases to attract your target market.

This holds true for both your existing material and any new stuff you produce. You may always go back and edit older information to make it more relevant to today's demands. Additionally, concentrate on producing evergreen material that will still be pertinent in the future and bring in new customers as time goes on.

To get quicker and better results, you can also consider promoting your material. If you maintain consistency, you will see an increase in both organic traffic and ranking.

SaaS is distinct from other companies in that it sells software to customers as a finished good. Simply put, it meets a certain demand of your intended audience. But in this instance, the item is neither fixed nor static. 

There is always room for software updates, alterations, and enhancements. Features may be modified, deleted, or added. Such items can also be modified into a variety of various use cases and tools for industries.

Because of this, SaaS businesses occupy a distinct position among company models and have access to ongoing SEO improvements. They may secure organic search space while also up selling and marketing products and their different iterations online. Because SEO produces returns both now and in the future, SaaS companies have even more incentive to invest in this strategy.

How We Create a Successful SaaS SEO Plan?

At CrazyLTDS, we begin with the fundamentals and work our way up to give your SaaS SEO campaign strength. For companies that have experienced astronomical development through SEO over the past few years, our SaaS SEO model has delivered outcomes that can be verified. Let us explain our structure so you can see how we may assist you in achieving better results more quickly.

Successful SaaS SEO Plan

  1. Keyword study

We make sure to give keyword research the attention it merits because it is the foundation of SaaS SEO strategy. To attract and engage prospects, we identify pertinent focus keyword that your target audience is already searching for and include them into the content of your website. Both singular and long-tail keywords fall under this category. We also use inbound links to help improve the relevance of your website.

We can better understand your target market by conducting keyword research to learn how people locate SaaS products like yours. This study extracts information that teaches us what users are searching for, where they are looking for it, and in what format. As a result, it enables us to create a content strategy that meets the needs of your prospects. A solid keyword research strategy aids us in attracting quality website traffic, increasing user engagement, and eventually increasing conversion rates

  1. Content Development and Strategy

We create content strategies that draw in, convert, and keep your prospects interested. Results are ensured by aligning the content with your buyers' sales journey. To put it another way, we determine what your clients need and adjust the material on your site to meet those demands.

An important step in this procedure is on-page SEO. To draw in and keep the attention of your audience, it involves optimising the content, image, and header elements. Overall, the plan guarantees higher levels of engagement and lower bounce rates. In contrast to content development, we also put a lot of effort into content repurposing, which involves going back and updating older content to increase traffic. 

Our quality content and development plan also include rewriting information for certain industry use cases, checking it for relevancy, and republishing it.

  1. Technical SEO

Today, using technical SEO will guarantee higher rankings. The days where search engines only considered the word and the frequency with which the target keyword was used in your content are long gone. If your material is topical deep today, it will rank well.

In other words, the information you provide should be pertinent to the subject at hand and any connected issues. Relevance is crucial in this situation because it will help you attract clients and engage them. We start taking care of this for you by creating pertinent material that is rich in the appropriate keywords and is timely. It is a reliable approach to direct your desired consumers to the different landing pages on your website.

Furthermore, we evaluate your present material to see if there are any crawling issues. Such mistakes hurt your website's ranking and make it harder for users to find it on search engines. We identify these mistakes and correct them to increase your likelihood of being found by your intended audience.

  1. Link creation

Link building, often known as endorsements for your website, is a component of off-page SEO. As the name suggests, the goal is to obtain links pointing to your website from other websites. These hyperlinks are directed towards internet users. They are led to your website so they can learn more about your product because your website's link appears on other websites.

Links are necessary for search engines to crawl the internet. Therefore, if connections to your website are posted to other web sites, it helps build your trustworthiness and raises your rating. Consider the possibility that a rival could discuss your product and link to its page on a blog that is located on their website.

The likelihood that they'll discover you will surely rise. Well, undoubtedly. To increase traffic to your website, you may also ask third parties like writers and guests to highlight your goods.

We assist you with the above-described link-building procedure. The main factor is, of course, producing worthwhile material that elevates your website above the rest and makes it deserving of a mention on other websites.

By creating pertinent, keyword-rich material to highlight your SaaS solution, we concentrate on this element. It forces other websites to link to you automatically.

Such link building not only improves your website's rating and organic traffic, but it also positions you as a thought leader and authority in your sector.

  1. Content Marketing

After creating content, comes content marketing. We assist your SEO-optimized content in reaching a broader audience by carrying out this vital step. We make sure your material is updated frequently to keep it current, helping you stand out from your rivals. 

We also put a lot of effort into enhancing your website visitors' experience by regularly checking and monitoring it. We can remove outdated information, or pages that aren't operating well, by identifying what is and isn't working.

It serves no use to display nonsense on your website. Instead, it's best to keep your site simple. We work with you to create a website that is clear and only contains pertinent information, attracting the correct customers to your website and your goods.  

  1. SEO Outreach

We create for you appropriate partnerships with the appropriate publishers by concentrating on SEO outreach. For you, we develop content assets that other authors and leaders in your sector would like to link to. You can rely on publications to give you backlinks if you have quality material on your side.

We seek publishers in all of this by emailing them. To establish predictive relationships and ensure long-term advantages, follow-up is also a crucial component of the process.

  1. Reporting 

We create frequent reports to track the SEO effort done thus far and to evaluate the strategy's effectiveness. We compare the effectiveness of your web sites to established KPIs.

This enables us to determine whether the goals have been reached. To determine how effectively backlinks are performing, we also perform health checks. In addition, we assess the technical SEO and content to see if anything needs to be changed to improve Google search ranking.

A key component of our reporting also includes competitor and sector insights. Comparison provides more precise insights on the marketing plan's deficiencies that can be filled. We can learn what is and isn't working from the quarterly and monthly data, as well as identify untapped areas that can be taken advantage of to achieve higher growth. Through this method, we can monitor the SEO plan's development and adjust as necessary.


Your ability to positively impact your website's Google ranking depends on your SaaS SEO approach. In plain English, it means you may increase the number of your intended clientele who visit your website, discover your service, and ultimately decide to buy your SaaS product. Sound SEO tactics are the foundation of the complete marketing funnel that leads to a committed customer. It is what draws customers to your website naturally and aids in stabilising revenue growth.

To reach a larger audience, earn their loyalty, and hasten your success, are you prepared to update your SaaS SEO strategy? Contact CrazyLTDS since we offer you provable results based on predetermined KPIs. What are you still holding out for? Begin your SaaS SEO adventure right away to easily achieve your desired outcomes!

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