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Powerful elementor widgets to create beautiful websites

Easy To Use

Happy Elementor Addons comes with the ultimate template importer feature directly from your Elementor Editing Panel.

Unique Option

Elementor ensure 1500+ font awesome icon for the users. But the all are mostly fill icon. 

Powerful Feature

Live Copy is a common complaint, it’s impossible to make the exact demo-like design on a personal website. Well, this won’t be the case anymore. 

Fast Experience

Gain more control over your website speed with the On-demand Asset Loading feature. Switch your widgets on or off according to your necessity. 

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The Happy Addons plugin follows the same installation process as the other WordPress plugins. You can install the plugin from the official plugin repository or you can upload a zip folder with the plugin files.

If you opted for the free version of the plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add new. Search for Happy Addons and then press Install. When the plugin is done installing, click Activate.

If you’ve purchased the premium version of the plugin, download the plugin’s zip folder and store it somewhere safe on your computer. Then, go to Plugins > Add new > Upload in your WordPress dashboard. Click Choose files and locate the zip folder with the plugin files then press Install. Once the plugin is done installing, click Activate.

Once the plugin has been activated, you’ll be taken to the plugin’s dashboard and you’re ready to start using it.

Happy Addons Plugin Settings

The main section of the plugin’s settings page has links to the knowledge base as well as video tutorials. You’ll also find links to request a specific feature or submit a support request.

The Widgets tab allows you to easily activate or deactivate widgets that you want to use. You can do so individually or in bulk.

Lastly the Pro section makes it easy to upgrade from free to Pro version at any time. It also gives you an overview of all the pro features.

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Working With The Happy Addons Plugin

To start using Happy Addons widgets, edit your existing page or create a new one by going to Pages > Add new > Edit With Elementor. Once the Elementor’s editor loads, you can drag the desired widget onto the page.

From there, it’s pretty much the same process as it is with built-in Elementor’s widgets. You can edit the content and the style of the widget as well as access the widgets’ advanced settings to adjust spacing and other features.

Each widget can also be stored as a global widget and duplicated to save you even more time when designing.

2. Happy Addons Features – 4/5

Now that we’ve covered the ease of use, let’s go over the plugin’s core features.

Happy Addons offers an impressive number of widgets. There are more than 39 widgets on the free version and they include widgets such as:

  • Icon and info boxes
  • Review
  • Team members
  • Contact form 7 widget
  • Image grids
  • Skill bars
  • Ninja forms widget
  • Testimonials
  • Horizontal timeline
  • And more

The widgets are easy to use and it’s nice that you can deactivate widgets you don’t need. This reduces the load time on your server which helps your website to load faster.

The pro version offers even more widgets such as:

  • Hover boxes
  • Countdowns
  • Animated headings
  • Advanced tabs
  • Instagram feed
  • And more

All things considered, the sheer amount of widgets in the Happy Addons plugin is a great way to add all kinds of features to your website without upgrading your Elementor’s license.


When it comes to templates, the Happy Addons plugin has 444 block templates as well as 66 page templates. You can filter through the templates based on the industry, preview them, and insert them onto your website.

There is a clear distinction between Pro and Free templates although it’s worth mentioning that the templates seem to be primarily for home page and landing page designs. In other words, it would be nice to see a few templates for other pages that are typically needed on any website.

However, you can still build out other pages using premade sections and speed up your design process that way.

Cross-domain Copy Paste

Elementor makes it easy to copy various elements and element style settings. This feature saves a ton of time but it only works if you’re copying them on the same site.

Happy Addons improves this feature by allowing you to copy elements between different domains so if you’re working with multiple websites, you can easily copy buttons, navigation bars, carousels, and more.

Live Copy

Live Copy is another interesting feature that will speed up your site design time. Thanks to this feature, you no longer have to download and import premade page or section elements.

Simply visit the demo page you like, click the LiveCopy button, and then paste it directly onto your site. You can then edit the contents and customize the styles to reflect your own branding.

You can easily mix and match blocks and create completely unique and custom page layouts. Keep in mind that this is a paid feature so you’ll need to upgrade to their Business or Developer plan to make use of it.

Nested Sections

When it comes to sections, Elementor has a somewhat limited approach. You can add only one section within the page and then work with the inner sections to create your page layout.

Nested sections is yet another cool feature by Happy Addons that basically allows you to add sections within sections. There is no limit to how many sections you can add so you can get as creative as you’d like with your Elementor pages.

Other Notable Features

Aside from the features above, Happy Addons offers a few extra notable features that will make your design time easier:

  • WooCommerce widgets — thanks to Happy Addons, you can customize the way your products appear on other pages. You can add product and category grid and carousel to any page on your site.
  • Chart widgets — if you need a way to display data on your website, various chart widgets will come in handy. They include pie and doughnut charts, polar charts, and line and radar charts
  • Floating effects and CSS transformations — make your site more visually appealing by adding interesting floating effects and CSS transformations. This will make your site appear more dynamic.
  • Page and post cloning — thanks to Happy Addons, you can easily duplicate posts and pages. Use this feature when you want to replicate the layout of any post or page on your site and only need to make minor adjustments to the content.


Happy addon

Meet Happy addon:Bes Elementor Addons

Lifetime Deals

$149/ Lifetime 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How Can I Upgrade My Current Package to Upper One?

If you are using our Starter Plan but to upgrade to our Professional Plan or any other plan, please drop an email support@wedevs.com. We will help you accordingly.

What is the minimum version of Elementor is required for HappyAddons?

To run smoothly, you will be needed the minimum Elementor (Free) Version 2.9.0. We will try to give support of conflict issues from that version (2.9.0) to latest versions of Elementor.

What should I have to use HappyAddons?

You will just need to have the latest version of Elementor installed on your website to be able to use the HappyAddons.

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