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Easiest Table Builder Plugin In WordPress!


Build tables within a minute and customize however you want without coding! It’s the ultimate solution for WordPress tables.


Creating & customizing WordPress tables couldn’t get easier than this!

Fast Loading

Even unlimited data, rows, or columns won’t take time to load.

Big Data

Display all types & amounts of data smoothly, no matter the size.



Organize like a pro and customize the way you save your important websites and texts!

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Ninja Tables reigns as the best WordPress table plugin effortlessly. It’s packed with intuitive features, necessary integrations. And unlimited customizing options!

What Makes Ninja Tables Awesome?

All cutting-edge functions & potentials!

Ninja Tables| Crazyltds | The #1 SaaS Lifetime Deals Platform For Entrepreneurs

Drag & Drop

Drag table cell elements &  build tables easily.

WooCommerce product tables

Sell WooCommerce products in an organized table with details.

Google Sheets table

Sync with Google Sheets & fetch data entries into tables.

Ninja Tables| Crazyltds | The #1 SaaS Lifetime Deals Platform For Entrepreneurs 

Table design customization

Customize table colors, size, background, column, texts, & everything!

Pre-made templates

Edit pricing & comparison table templates in drag & drop.


Attach images, videos, links, music, or GIFs to the table for visual appeal.

Ninja Tables| Crazyltds | The #1 SaaS Lifetime Deals Platform For Entrepreneurs 

Custom CSS

Tweak your table with custom CSS . Control the table your way.

Dynamic data

Add all types of data to the table.

Custom filter

Add filter value, label, title, etc.
To search in the table for specific data.

Conditional Formatting

Apply conditions to the table column to highlight cells with colors.

Transform value with HTML

Turn texts, emails, & numbers into clickable hyperlinks & connect via table.

Ninja Tables| Crazyltds | The #1 SaaS Lifetime Deals Platform For Entrepreneurs

Form Data Tables

Integrate Fluent Forms & show form entries in tables.


WP Posts

Fetch WordPress posts/pages & display with all properties.

Merge/Split Cells

Join consecutive table cells containing identical data.


Open image or play videos in lightbox for a clearer view.

More coming in the future!

We’ll add more & more features as the plugin keeps improving!

Ninja Tables

Meet Ninja Tables : Easiest Table Builder Plugin In WordPress!

Lifetime Deals

$129 / Lifetime 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Why should I choose “Advanced table builder?”

The advanced table gives you lots of customization features. Create tables for WooCommerce business, embed forms or Google Sheets data, or create charts with table data. Try 100+ table styles & control the tables the way you want!

Will there be any performance issues?

Not a chance! Ninja Tables won’t weigh your website down, no matter how big your data table is or what device you’re using.

Free or pro?

The free version gives you many functionalities to create a basic table. But Ninja Tables Pro gives you everything to the maximum! Especially for business websites, the pro version works the best.

What about support or tutorials?

A dedicated support team works 24/7 to give you premium support for any query you have. Your feature requests or complaints will be taken care of.

We also offer detailed documentation and video tutorials so you can solve any problem by yourself.

Do I have to renew my license every year?

Only if you buy the annual license, you need to renew your license every year. But for the lifetime license, you don’t have to renew your license ever again.

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