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Content Restrictions . You can restrict content, menu & taxonomies for your premium users only with just a shortcode.

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When it comes to having an active or engaging website, you need more than just regular content if you want to get your visitors returning time after time.

Getting your visitors to actively engage, whether by commenting on existing content or submitting their own posts to your site is a great way of building a community site that’ll bring back visitors time after time.

What is frontend publishing?

Some great examples of this would be:

  • A community site for a hobby or sport where members wish to contribute their own articles
  • A local community where small businesses may wish to submit an article about what their business does
  • An event or conference where speakers will submit papers on the talks they’ll be doing or drip-feeding information pre or post-conference
  • A business networking site – where members can pay to submit a post about their product or service to other members
  • Allow users to create products in your WooCommerce store to sell (ideal if you pair it with a multi-vendor plugin)
  • You are a blogger and want other guest bloggers to submit posts to your site

Maybe you already have a website that has the above needs? Allowing people to create content for you instead of yourself is a great time-saver and better still, saves you copying and pasting text from a Word doc into WordPress!

WordPress itself does have a native interface for allowing commenting and basic user registration. It is activated as simple as turning on an option in the WordPress dashboard.

However, allowing users to register with a specific set of profile features or going further, and allowing users to submit their own posts to your site requires a third-party plugin.

Furthermore, if you wish to lock down content to members only or charge for a subscription (or post submission) then you’ll need some third-party tools to manage that for you.

This is where our WP User Frontend Pro review comes in! It offers all of the above with just one plugin – from user registration, management and membership to the submission of guest posts, publishing and payment for them (if needed!) – with this plugin you can run a full community site without anything else if you wish.

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WP User Frontend Pro is no newcomer to the WordPress Plugin market. It was actually launched in 2011 and has over 30,000 active installations at present.

It has been developed by the team at weDevs in Dhaka, Bangladesh. weDevs themselves comprise over 80 team members and have over 100,000 customers – so you are in safe hands when it comes to technical support and further updates to the product.

What does it do?

In a nutshell, it manages the entire frontend of WordPress when it comes to users. We’re talking about users registering for accounts, subscribing, submitting their own content or locking down content to subscribers/members only.

It also has some great backend functionality too for managing users, processing subscriptions and managing guest/member posts with or without charging if needed.

Who is it for?

It is for anyone that wants to have professional user registration management, tied with a possible membership website and/or allow users to submit their own content to the site.

There are literally hundreds of different cases out there where a plugin like this would be a perfect match for websites – any that require content kept to members only or requiring external authors to submit content would be a perfect match.

You can just use one or both parts of the plugin too – perhaps you just want an option to allow guest bloggers to send you their latest posts – then you can allow them to register an account and let them submit articles for you to approve.

On the other hand, you can run a membership site allowing people to register and pay a subscription fee to read your premium content

Or, you can combine both and have a site where members can meet each other via the user directory, submit their own content and protect it all so only members can see it! The options are pretty endless!

Installing the plugin

The free version of the plugin can be easily installed (and is required for the premium version too) from WordPress.org or via ‘Plugins > Add New‘ in your WordPress dashboard.

Once you have purchased the premium version of the plugin, you need to download it from the wpDevswebsite.

WP User Frontend plugin

As soon as you have activated the plugin, it starts up a short helpful wizard to get you started. Let’s walk through it.

  1. First, select Let’s Goto proceed – if you choose ‘Not right now’ you are taken back to the WordPress dashboard.

WP User Frontend Pro Wizard – Step 1

  1. On the next screen, you are presented with several options to choose from:
  • Enable Payments – This adds three new pages to your website ‘Payment‘ and ‘Order Received‘ and a ‘Thank You‘ page.
  • Install WPUF Pages – This adds six new pages to your website ‘Account‘, ‘Dashboard‘, ‘Edit‘, ‘Login‘, ‘Registration‘, ‘Subscription‘ and a form called ‘Sample Form‘ in the plugin dashboard.
  • Share Essentials – As highlighted below, this just sends back some simple technical information to weDevs – this helps them in getting an idea what sort of environment their plugin is being used in and is useful for further development cycles. You can opt-out of this by unchecking the tickbox before proceeding.

Click ‘Continue‘ to proceed – in this example we’re leaving all options ticked.

WP User Frontend Pro Wizard – Step 2

  1. After a moment, the wizard finishes and we’re presented with this screen.

From here we are taken to the dashboard and a welcome screen or can choose to go directly into the plugin settings screen.

WP User Frontend Pro Wizard – Step 3

The plugin is now installed and has the default settings installed.

  1. From here you can create your first form or read the built-in detailed help guide.

General Settings

The plugin comes with plenty of options for you to choose from within various areas (such as the registration and post form creators) but it also has a General Settings section accessed via WP User Frontend > Settings.

The sections available actually increase depending on which modules you have enabled, but in our example, we have the following:

  • General Options – In here you can list your Google reCAPTCHA and other API keys
  • Frontend Posting – This allows you to set the default post owner and image sizes for posts
  • Dashboard – Options such as allowing users to edit their own posts, display their bio is controlled here
  • My Account – This toggles on/off the different sub-menus in this area for the end-users
  • Login / Registration – You can select default user roles here and which pages control which functions
  • Payments – In here you can configure your PayPal and/or Stripe details amongst other payment gateways
  • E-Mails – All of the default emails the site sends out (user registration, etc) can be edited in here
  • Privacy Options –
  • Social Login – If you have this module turned on, then you can easily add in all the social media network API keys and settings in one place
  • User Directory – This allows you to control how the user directory layout is shown and in what detail
  • Invoices – This plugin even sends invoices out to users that purchase a subscription, you can configure all the items in your invoices from here
  • Tax – Another nice feature of this plugin is allowing multiple tax rates depending on the state/country your user is purchasing from
  • Content Filtering – This allows you to stop certain words being used in user posts (in the title and/or the post body) – great if you don’t want certain words using in posts!

WP User Frontend pro

Meet WP User Frontend pro: The Ultimate Frontend Solution to WordPress

Lifetime Deals

$196/ Lifetime 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What are the System Requirements?

The server requirement for WP User Frontend Pro is PHP 5.6 or later and MySQL 5.6 or later.

Which themes are compatible with your plugin?

Till now no theme has conflicted with WP User Frontend. So you can use any theme you want. In some rare cases, you might have to add or edit some CSS code.

Do you have any online demo?

Yes, you can find our Demo Server here.

Do you have any list of compatible plugins?

You can use any plugin from front, that uses custom post types. Like WooCommerce, Events Manager, Ads Manager etc, and the plugins which works with meta keys like YOAST, Car Listing etc.

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